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A Bit About Us

Who We Are

It's easy to love theatre. But at the same time, if we're being totally honest, it's really easy to hate theatre. Black Dog Productions is a project straight from the hearts of four young actors who dreamt of making theatre their own way — a chance to play the parts they wanted, to collaborate with the people they wanted and to create a mutually supportive environment in which their ideas can flourish.

We debuted in 2016 at the Bath Fringe Festival with our critically acclaimed play Howl, and returned the following year with its spiritual sucessor Films About Ghosts. 2018 saw the opening of our first two act play, Orphan, which would go on to have a regional tour in 2019. That tour saw the start of a collaborative streak; later the same year with Apricity Theatre and Dumb Blond Theatre we presented There's Nothing There, and much of the production team rolled on to our January 2020 tour of Savage.

Currently we are starting back up on production for Submission, our play put on hold throughout the coronavirus pandemic (every company has at least one) and looking at finding a home for the scripts that have mounted up over the months locked down. We're excited for the future and nervous for the feel of the stage boards under our feet once again.

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