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In An Endless Garden


'The mind is a maze of branching pathways and countless hiding places, where do yours lead I wonder?'

Surrounded by a myriad of greenery, a woman finds herself lost in a strangely familiar place with seemingly no memory of how she got there. Upon meeting the enigmatic woman Coral who resides there it becomes clear that this garden isn’t everything it seems.

As they talk, pieces of the woman’s life begin to fall into place and she questions her surroundings, her companion and even her own sanity.

In An Endless Garden is a compassionate look into what it means to be human and how the relationships with those close to us mould us into who we are.

For One Night Only...

The Rondo Theatre, Bath | Wednesday 30th March 2022


The Woman
Inez Solomon-Gardner

Alexandra Ricou

Production Team

Director: Emily Malloy
Writer: Russell Eccleston
Lighting: Esther Needham
Sound design: Finn MacNeil

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