The Pasta Machine

'You're nothing, you're a waste, theres just a fucking... hole where a man should be!'

Tim's missed work, again. His ex girlfriend Poppy has come round to pick up her things on the assumption that he won't be in. When she finds him there hungover and stoned they discuss their relationship in excruciating detail. 

Things begin to take a turn for the worse when Poppy's new flame Hugo appears.

Will Tim find any closure from this breakup or be consumed by his own bitterness?

A dark comedy from hilarious Bristol based writer Andy Alderson. The Pasta Machine first appeared as a theatre piece at The Alma Tavern and Theatre in 2016.

We liked it so much we decided to adapt it into a short film with the help of the wonderful Seamless Creative Content. The Pasta Machine is currently in post production and will hopefully be finished by the end of 2018!


Matt Harrison - Hugo

Alicia Pollard - Poppy

Russell Eccleston - Tim

Somerset, UK

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