Black Dog Combat

'The stage combat is fiercely convincing.' - Bath Echo, The Breach (Apricity Theatre)

'A shocking end which had me on the end of my seat.' - Lifestyledistrict, Everyone Is Dead (Theatre West)

'The movement and fight direction is excellent, these moments reflect the potential that is within the piece; the explosive action exposing the brewing hatred and conflict.' - Theatre Bath, Fall Of Kings (Apricity Theatre) 

Black Dog have choreographed fight scenes and moments of violence for various different companies all over the south west.

If you would like to inquire about how we can help your show and our rates then you can contact us at either or at

'Some really well choreographed and convincing fight scenes.' -, 'There's Nothing There' (Dumb Blonde Theatre)

'What the second half offers is a baseball bat swinging, throat throttling roller coaster of a heated battle. The fight choreographers made the most of the actors physical abilities to create gripping sequences that the actors appear to relish and offered the audience some well deserved “oo" inducing moments.' - Bristol 365, Between The Armies (Apricity Theatre)

'The fight between Etiocles and Polyneices, is just stunning; in darkness, to the deafening sound of modern battle, and is a chilling portrayal of the true violence of war.' - Theatre Bath, Oedipus and Antigone (Beyond The Horizon)

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Photo Credit, The Breach and Between The Armies: Joe Samuels