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1950's America, a down on his luck writer meets a girl at his workplace who seems to be the answer to all of his problems. To impress her, he creates a reflection of himself, one that is spontaneous and successful in his endeavors, however when the reflection starts acting erratically, things begin to spiral out of control... 

Howl was Black Dog's first piece of work and premiered at the Bath fringe in 2016. Since then it has been taken to The Lion and Unicorn in Camden and then The Nest back in Bath.

In 2019 Howl had a revival at The Mission theatre in Bath with a brand new cast where it once again received glowing reviews!

Howl was Russell Eccleston's writing debut.

'A Theatrical Gem'- 
Theatre Bath
'A play of supreme excellence and nail biting tension'-
Bath Chronicle

Cast - Premiere


Esther Warren - Bigboy

Tiffany Rhodes - Nancy

Tommy Carmichael - The Man

Cast 2019


Jack Ince - BigBoy

Alicia Pollard - Nancy

Saili Katebe - The Man

Production Team

Director: Russell Eccleston
Writer: Russell Eccleston
Lighting: Esther Needham
Fight Director: Gordon Kemp

Director: Alicia Pollard
Writer: Russell Eccleston
Lighting: Esther Needham
Fight Director: Russell Eccleston & Tiffany Rhodes

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